$(KGrHqIOKosFJorZFle0BSbVvG,u6!~~60_12Like all filmmakers, we enjoy the collaborative process, and want to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of some of Okapi’s great colleagues/employees over the years, as well as some current co-conspirators. ¬†They include William Brangham, Gregory Henry, Andrew Fredericks, Candace White, Matthew Landon, Dan Kopelman, Douglas J. Cuomo, Alex Dionne, Juliana Parroni, Elana Bluestine, Joanna Kiernan, Rick Thompson, Peter Nelson, Kevin Cloutier, Warren Jones, Michael Stewart, Mona Davis, Melissa Hacker, Anna Belle Peevey, Jaron Berman, Fanny Lee, Felice Firestone, Cameron Hickey, Lucy Kennedy, Daniel Baer, and Laura Macomber.