Two American Families


Kathleen Hughes, Tom Casciato and Bill Moyers followed the Stanley and Neumann families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a decade following job layoffs each family suffered in the early 90s.  Three films resulted:  ”Minimum Wages: The New Economy” (1992); Living On The Edge” (Frontline, 1995) and “Surviving The Good Times” (2000).  (See what reviewers had to say about those films here) We returned in 2012, and the result was Frontline‘s “Two American Families,” which premiered in July of 2013 on PBS.  The new material was shot by Jaron Berman and edited by Fanny Lee.  Rick Fatke did sound. Lucy Kennedy was the Field Producer, Karim Hajj the Production Assistant. Executive producers were David Fanning and Raney Aronson, and Ken Druckerman was the senior producer.  The composer was Douglas J. Cuomo. So many others have worked with us on the project over the years.  They include:  field producers William Brangham and Gregory Henry; associate producer Kelly Venardos; coordinating producer Candace White; editors Donna Marino and Andrew Fredericks; cinematographers Rick Thompson, Jean de Segonzac, Maryse Alberti, Kevin Cloutier and Warren Jones; Sound engineers Chris Bryan, Scott Breindel, Francisco LaTorre and Michael Stewart; Assistant editors Matthew Landon, Kimberly Tomes and Allyson C. Johnson;  senior producer June Cross; executive producers Judy Doctoroff O’Neill and Judith Davidson Moyers.


Carlos Santana on Woodstock: “Kumbaya Will Kick Your Ass”

Tom Casciato sat down with the guitar master to discuss not only the 50th anniversary of his legendary performance at Woodstock, but also the rood that lead him there, and the path he’s taken since.


Birders: The Central Park Effect (Trailer)

Tom Casciato co-executive produced, with Pamela Hogan, Jeffrey Kimball’s 2012 independent doc about birds and birders in New York’s Central Park, which was acquired by HBO and is currently viewable at HBO GO.  Edited by Daniel Baer; co-produced and co-edited by Nick August-Perna


Fun City Revisited: The Lindsay Years


Winner of a New York Emmy in 2011, FUN CITY REVISITED is a look back at eight years in the life of New York City (1966-73) under progressive Mayor John V. Lindsay.  It’s a best of times/worst of times story featuring interviews with Jimmy Breslin, Mayor David Dinkins, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mayor Ed Koch, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Joyce Purnick, and Congressman Charles Rangel, Ronnie Eldridge, and many more who made New York New York back in the day. Tom Casciato is Executive Producer; Produced by Rob Issen; Written by Tom Casciato and Rob Issen; Senior Producer, Scott Davis; Field Producer, Rawan Jabaji. Graphic by Felicia Van Os.

Watch it here: http://vimeo.com/53560997